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Luxy Purse FREE Gucci Purse Details!

Ladies, you can NEVER have enough purses!

Luxy Purse is giving away a FREE Gucci purse each month to a new subscriber. They also giveaway one free Louis Vuitton each month to one of their members too. All you have to do is sign up to receive your brand new purse each month and you will automatically be entered to win. 

Luxy Purse tan with brown handles


Luxy Purse partners with the most talented bag designers all over the world. They cut out the middleman so that you receive high quality purses at major discounts. You know that styles change, you fall out of love with your current purse, you need a new bag for each season, and well, do you really need a reason to get a new purse?  The good thing is….IT’S YOURS TO KEEP!  This is not a purse rental service where you can “borrow” it and then have to send it back. Once it arrives, it’s yours forever.

Here’s the details of the Luxy Purse subscription box…

Product: One, name brand, high quality purse per month. You can login and pick the purse you want.

Cost:  $39.95 a month. Members receive a brand new purse worth $150+. 

Discount Code:  USE THIS CODE TO GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST BAG !!!!!      5oOFF  

SHIPPING: They will ship it to you anywhere in the US for FREE.

Notes: You can cancel anytime, hassle-free.


Don’t love the purse you get? Send it back for another. T hey actually offer an exchange program.  Trade it in for one you do like!



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