Review | Quick Comeback Mask by Alana Mitchell - Beauty Box Report
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Review | Quick Comeback Mask by Alana Mitchell


Hi guys!

I just wanted to do this quick post for you on this face mask  I was asked to review.  It’s called Quick Comeback Mask and it’s by by Alana Mitchell.  Just so that you know, I was not paid to do this review.  I also do not receive any compensation when you click the links below.  I love reviewing products and giving my opinion to my readers.

Let me start off by saying I LOVE this mask.  I’ve tried so many lately just because they come in different beauty boxes that I get. In general I like them all but lately the ones I have been trying have a ton of lotion and moisturizer on them. They make my face feel good but this one is different.  It’s clear and dries pretty fast.  As it dries you can feel the mask on your face tightening up. Leave it on 20 minutes or so and it’s like your whole face is sucked in. Then you just peel it off. Here’s some pics so you can see what it looks like and how it works.

Alana Mitchell 4-in-1 Cleansing Pod   $12.90


  1. It’s hard to see in the pic but there is a white sponge inside. You just press the top in and watch the sponge disintegrate.  It turns into this clear liquid that is the mask you put on.
  2.  Put the liquid mask all over your faec and neck. I put some on my eyelids as well and it felt as if my eyes were being pulled up with glue. 🙂
  3. Leave on 20 minutes or so.  Trust me, you can tell when it’s dry. Here’s me after 15-20 minutes. It’s shiny like that when it’s dry.




4.  Peel it off. It takes a while to peel it off but I love peeling..(I know, I am weird like that).  It was really cool peeling it off of my nose area because I could see all the gunk it was pulling out of my pores.  I have large pores and frequently have to use some kind of blackhead strips like Biore to pull the blackheads out. This definitely does the trick!

My face felt so tight and lifted and clean. Being as I have have more mature skin, I am all about skin care.  I definitely plan to have this in my makeup bag from now on.


The next thing that I did was use the 4-in-1 Cleansing Pod. It looks like hard white sponge. Just wet it and use it to cleanse your face.  The longer you leave it on, the more benefit you get from using it.  Good for  2-5 applications.

Alana Mitchell 4-in-1 Cleansing Pod   $11.90





Like I said earlier, I LOVE this product and plan to buy some for myself to use.  As for the price, I expected it to be much higher so I am really pleased that I will be able to purchase as many as I like and not break the bank.

Thanks and I will be here soon with another great review!




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