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March | Birchbox 2016 Review (Coupon Too) !


This month’s box is all about expressing yourself as a woman.


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 Hi guys! I just wanted to give you a rundown of what I received in my March Birchbox box.  Ooh, la la….

If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, just watch TV.  It’s a monthly box full of beauty and lifestyle items. I’ve seen a ton of ads for them lately on Lifetime. (OK, I can’t believe I just admitted to vegging out last Saturday in front of LMN all day) .  For just $10/month Birchbox will send you a new, customized box each month full of skin care, makeup, and hair care items. They usually send you 5 samples to try and if you like any of them you can buy future products from their website.

Check out my pics from the March box..

So here’s the card you get each month which tells you all about each of the products in your box.

Blocki (perfume) – This Grand Affair | Full-size $165

Supposed to smell like grapefruit with a hint of lavender and base of vanilla and musk. I don’t get any of those smells but it does have a very light, pleasant smell.

Scale of 1-10 :  I give it a 7.

Eye Shadow – Cargo, Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette | Full-size $34

I do like the Cargo brands. These are your basic browns so nothing too dramatic here. The colors are smooth, highly pigmented, and easy to blend. Brown is a color that looks good on most everyone so these would definitely work for you.

Scale of 1-10 :  I give it a 2, only because it’s cracked. It seems every time I get and eye shadow like this it comes broken.

Number 4 – Clarifying Shampoo  Full-size $165 $32-$72

theBalm Cosmetics – Stainiac – Beauty Queen Full-size $17

BONUS! Reconstructing Masque (Hair) Full-size $58

I will tell you up front that I have not tried the shampoo or the masque.  I have highlighted hair and I am very picky about what brand of shampoo I use.

I did, however, try the Satiniac.  For me, it was way too dark. It may not be for you. I am  more of a light pick kinda gal.  If it was more my color though, I think I would really like it. You can also use it on your cheeks, too.

 Scale of 1-10 :  I give the group a 6.


 Kiehl’s Since 1851- Super Multi-Corrective Cream| Full-size $62

I have been using mine now for about a week. I am getting a bit older now and I will try any cream or serum that comes my way if it says it will lift and firm my skin.  I haven’t seen a difference yet but it has only been a week. As with anything, you need to give it at least 30-60 days of continued use to see results.

Scale of 1-10 :  I give it a 7, only because I haven’t used it long enough to actually say that it does or doesn’t work.

All in all I give the March 2016 box a 6.  It isn’t my favorite of all times but a few of the items I will use.  As always, I love getting my box each month.  It’s always a surprise so I can’t wait for the April box!

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