Subscription Box Report: A&M Treasure Box September 2015 - Beauty Box Report
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Subscription Box Report: A&M Treasure Box September 2015

This is my review of the September 2015 A&M Treasure Box  – Whoa Glam Baby edition.  You can see my video reveal below.

This is my 2nd box from A&M.  I’ve had the video up for awhile, but I’ve been procrastinating putting up the review. (Sorry A&M).  Why? Well, I hate to say it, but I just think they can do better.  I get a few accessory boxes and A&M just doesn’t stack up very well.

The Good: The 2 pieces were nice quality.  Geometric Multi-colored Statement Necklace ($35 value) and matching Geometric Stud Earrings ($15 value). They are not my personal style, but I still believe I will someday find just the right outfit for them. The little organza bag they put the items in is nice and they wrap the items up neatly and nicely in tissue and secure with a sticker.

The Bad: One picky little thing – “multi-color”. It’s not multi-colored, it’s white. Having both gold and silver tone doesn’t make it multi-colored.  On to the real problems.

Packaging in general- terrible. The cheap white cardboard pillow box is unremarkable.  At least if they were to find a nice glossy teal colored one to go with their color theme it would be a small step up and give a better first impression. But the cheap pillow box is easily crushed in mailing and doesn’t arrive looking nice. They would do better to find a proper box to ship in.

The little slip of paper cut out with the craft scissors to tell you what you got is just so wrong. You’re getting a box called “Whoa Glam Baby” and you get a slip of cheap copy paper that says “home crafter”.  There’s nothing glam about it. It says cheap an unprofessional. When there is so much competition for accessory boxes, this seems lazy.  Details matter. Sure, it takes time to cut out all those little pieces of paper, but they do themselves a disservice with them. Time and effort could, and should, be better spent. Even using inkjet business cards from Avery would be a step up.  Perhaps consider using Vistaprint to print out a card with images of the pieces, descriptions and value.

A&M Treasure Box  wants you to feel you are getting luxe items, but they don’t deliver on the presentation at all. It’s a bit of a let down really.  Sorry guys. I hate saying anything negative about any subscription service. It makes me feel awful. But I hope they will take it in the spirit it is intended and benefit from it.

On the plus side, I do think these are things that are easily remedied and with a little extra effort and a bit of creative thought, A&M Treasure Box  could become a contender for the big boys.  There is nothing wrong with the pieces themselves. They are fine – better than fine, and not a bad reward for the investment. $27 for the Glam box and $22 for their other 2 boxes (Everyday and Kids).  And I would certainly not tell anyone to avoid this subscription, not by any means. If you look at their site and they seem to have the styles you want and these other things don’t matter to you, then you should subscribe. But it’s my job to report to you the pros and cons of each subscription, and in good conscience, I have to report that A&M just doesn’t measure up.

Perhaps this post might be helpful to anyone reading this who has or is considering creating a subscription box.  The Six “P’s” of Subscription Box Creation

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