Half-Price Blocks! Get Grab Block Today!‏ - Beauty Box Report
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Half-Price Blocks! Get Grab Block Today!‏


In our constant search to bring subscribers more value, Nerd Block is giving everyone the chance to grab more blocks for less with Grab Block!

That’s right! Everyone who signs up for a subscription to any of our great themed blocks can now grab another block for half the regular price!

Just like our regular themed blocks, every Grab Block includes 4-6 great collectibles and a pop-culture t-shirt, and Grab Block comes in three themes – Classic, Horror and Arcade!

Anyone signing up for a subscription can add up to three Grab Blocks to their order.

Anyone signing up for a new subscription can also take advantage of Welcome Block, a free $20 gift, and bring home even more blocks for less!

There has truly never been a better time to check out Nerd Block and all the great themed blocks available!

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