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Subscription Box Report: Wantable Accessory Box August 2015


Wow! Between getting ready for vacation, going on vacation and recovering from vacation, the month of August has just seemed to slip right through my fingers! I am WAY behind on everything. I feel like I’m never going to catch up. Hubby is starting to make jokes about Fred Flintstone’s closet with all the boxes piling up.  But I’ve got boxes already opened that I haven’t done the written review for yet, so I’ve got to get on the ball and knock ’em out.  Who knew one week of vacation actually eats up three weeks of your life?

Ah well, guess I can’t complain about spending a week on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard (and really, I’m not complaining).  So let’s jump back into things with my favorite box, the Wantable Accessory Box.  You can watch my reveal video HERE

Ashley Sunglasses – I love these! I wore them all through my vacation. Mine were more olive tan the pic shows. They are fun and chic and gave great protection. Value $16
Tiffany Ann Earrings – I love these earrings, and so does my daughter (have to keep an eye on them! lol). Very pretty and feminine. Lovely pale pink and clear crystal. Value $16
Kourtnee Necklace – This is really pretty. The colors remind me of sherbet, but then have those tiny little blue-violet stones that just sort of pop out at you. Value $26

Gloria Earrings – These are really nice. I got gold ones. These would be great with everything from jeans to a little black dress. The only problem is, they came with little plastic backs, the kind you usually have on wire earrings, instead of proper butterfly backs, so I have to replace them. They don’t feel secure with the plastic backs. Value $17

Another great box from Wantable. I love everything in it! As you can see, a nice bit of jewelry ($75 value) for $36.

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